A Journal
Since opening the West Devon Tai Chi groups Mandy has posted thoughts from the group in an Online Journal

As time has past this has migrated on to a seperate Journal Website, which can be accessed
using this link, or by clicking the individual Journal Titles below

New Journey— 18-Dec-2020

The Times They are a Changin' — 31-Oct-2020

Mindfulness — 18-Sept-2020

Nature Heals — 27-Aug-2020

Remember Life — 18-Jun-2020

Money in the Bank — 01-May-2020

Heal the Earth — 27-Mar-2020

Listening Behind — 20-Mar-2020

The More I Learn, The Less I Feel I Know — 02-Feb-2020

Inspiration — 16-Jan-2020

Calm the Body and Mind — 13-Dec-2019

Thanks a Million — 11-Nov-2019

Concrete Flip Flops — 28-Oct-2019

Why Can’t I Get It? — 11-Sep-2019

The Kua-What Is it? Where Is It? — 02-Aug-2019

All in the Mind — 28-Jun-2019

Learning with a Humble and Free Mind — 30-Apr-2019

Heavy Below, Light Above — 30-Mar-2019

Initial Thoughts of a Novice Tai Chi Geek! — 22-Mar-2019

Flowing in Movement — 31-Jan-2019

Walk in Balance — 22-Dec-2018

Roll With It — 08-Nov-2018

Quiet Mind — 24-Oct-2018

Wiggle Your Toes — 18-Sep-2018

Learning Taijiquan — 01-Aug-2018 1

Staying Balanced — 22-Jun-2018

Keeping It Simple — 02-Jun-2018

Lazy about tying coat — 11-Apr-2018

Sowing the Seeds — 04-Apr-2018

Nuts and Bolts — 08-Feb-2018

Another Year Over — 17-Dec-2017

It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You Do It — 17-Nov-2017

Pushing Hands with Life — 16-Aug-2017

Life Change by Jess Harrison — 04-May-2017

Keeping Rooted — 11-Apr-2017

Finding the Stillness Within — 26-Nov-2016

Summer Days — 30-Jun-2016

New Year, New Class — 10-Feb-2016

The Journey to West Devon Tai Chi — 09-Dec-2015

West Devon Tai Chi Begins — 06-Nov-2015

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