Chen Style 15 Short Form 

To Assist there follows video clips of the Chen Style 15 Short Form 
Videos show Master Chen Bing, with a group, undertaking the '15 Short Form' 
Video clips posted on this site are for general guidance only
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Postures 1 and 2 . 
Opening' through to 'Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar'


Posture 3. Transition from 
'Buddha's Warrior 'through 'Lazily Tying Coat'


Posture 4. Transition from
 'Lazily Tying Coat' through 'Six Sealing & Four Closings'

Posture 5. Transition from 
 'Six Sealing & Four Closings' through 'Single Whip'


Posture 6. Transition from 'Single Whip' through 'Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar' (2)


Posture 7. Transition from 
'Buddha's Warior' (2) through 'White Crane Spreads its Wings'


Posture 8. Transition from 
'White Crane Spreads its Wings' through  'Move Diagonally'


Postures 9 & 10. Transition from   'Move Diagonally' through 'Brush Knee' continuing to 'Stepping Forward Tree Times'


Repeat Postures 11, 12 & 13 . Transition from 'Stepping Forward Tree Times' through 'Move Diagonally', 'Brush Knee' continuing to  'Stepping Forward Tree Times'  (2)


Final Postures 14 & 13 . Transition from 'Stepping forward Tree Times' (2)  through 'Hidden Right Punch' continuing to 'Buddha's Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar' (3) and then Closing the Form

This Video Completes the '15 Short Form'


The following is the same Form videoed from ground level

It's quality is low and the sound was very poor so it appears as a Silent Movie